3D Parts Price List

03/19/21 - Pricing is being updated, additional parts will be made available for purchase as their designs are completed and tested. It's a "work in progress". 
Added pricing for Knurled Hose Fittings & Shoulder Stabilizer (AKA Under Shoulder Details) 

10/21/20 - Added pricing for Battery Box Harness, Leg Struts, and Radar Eye.

Note: Some Assembly Required!! What you are buying is a set of 3D printed pieces that can be assembled to make a complete part. Follow the part name link to the section of the 3D model page that illustrates the actual printed parts with assembly hints/instructions.

This should be the same list of parts that's on my 3D home page - it's not anywhere near complete yet. If there's a price shown then the part is available. For CS:R parts the standard 3D models are available in the R2BC "Dropbox". If I have modified a part, the part is illustrated here as a 3D.pdf file. 

I print parts on request. When your part is ready I'll send a Paypal Invoice.

 Cost Weight
Body Parts
Coin Return
MC modified version of CS:R Coin Slot Strip$251 oz
MC modified Upper & Lower Center Vent Surrounds w/Fins$252 oz
CS:L Large Data Port with mounting lip (MC Customized)$20
3 oz
CS:R Large Data Port with mounting lip (MC Customized)$25
CS:L Octagon Port (pair)
CS:R Octagon Port (5pc design, pair)$40
Pocket Vent
CS:L Power Coupling
CS:R Power Coupling$40
Arri Style Restraining Bolt (includes 8mm hardware & magnets)$40
Side Vent
CS:R/CS:L Shaved Utility Arm (pair) with groove for lighting$504 oz
Ankle & Foot Parts
Ankle Cylinder, Holder & Wedge
Ankle Side Details (set, 2@ left & right)$20
Battery Box Harness (set of 4)$20
Half Moon Details
Knurled Hose Fittings (set of 8 - assembled!)$20
Leg & Shoulder Parts
Leg Struts$25
Shoulder Hub (pair, modified version)$40
Shoulder Hydraulics & Buttons (2 sets Hydraulics, 4 Buttons)$25
Shoulder Stabilizer (AKA Under Shoulder Details) (set of 4)$20
Dome Parts
Dome Bumps
Front & Rear Logic Display Bezels [set 2 small (front) & 1 large (rear)]$253 oz
Front & Rear PSI
Radar Eye no Lens (3 pcs)$25
Radar Eye with Lens (5 pcs)$32.50
Other Parts
Computer Interface Arm$50
Center Foot Aprons (sold with Center Foot)
3 oz
Outer Foot Aprons (pair) (sold with Outer Foot Drives & Shells)
8 oz

Last updated 03/19/21