Parts Price List

This is the same list of parts that's on my 3D home page. If there's a price shown then the part is available. You can also follow the part name link to the section of the 3D model page that illustrates the actual printed parts with assembly hints/instructions. For CS:R parts the standard 3D models are available thru the R2BC "Dropbox". If I have modified a part, the part is illustrated here as a 3D.pdf file. 

I print parts on request. When your part is ready I'll send a Paypal Invoice.

 Cost Weight
Body Parts
Coin Return
MC modified version of CS:R Coin Slot Strip$251 oz
Front Vents
CS:L Large Data Port with mounting lip$203 oz
CS:R Large Data Port with mounting lip$25
Octagon Port (pair)
Pocket Vent
Power Coupling
Restraining Bolt
Side Vent
CS:L Utility Arm (pair)$504 oz
CS:R Utility Arm with groove for lighting$50
Ankle & Foot Parts
Ankle Cylinder, Holder & Wedge
Ankle Details
Battery Box Harness
Half Moon Details
Hose Fittings
Leg & Shoulder Parts
Leg Struts
Shoulder Buttons
Shoulder Hub (pair, modified version)$30
Shoulder Hydraulics
Shoulder Stabilizer
Dome Parts
Dome Bumps
Front & Rear Logic Displays [set 2 small (front) & 1 large (rear)]$253 oz
Front & Rear PSI
Radar Eye
Other Parts
Computer Interface Arm$50
Center Foot Aprons$253 oz
Outer Foot Aprons (pair)$608 oz